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SWG Standard EAW
Enameled Aluminum Wire



widely used in the ransformer of the microwave oven,

three-phase power transformer, rectifier, degassing coil

of large screen color TV set, kitchen motors, magnetic

mineral separating equipment, spare parts for automobile,

wire and cable, etc… 

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Aluminum Magnet Wire
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1. Aluminum Rod Material

We use good quality Aluminum rod to production EAW


2. Aluminum Drawbench

Stretch the Aluminum rod and precise in size control to 0.001mm for the need


3. Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning ensures no impurities before wires enameling


4. Coating film

Die method productions make wires excellent in surface enameling control


5. Toasted

Using good quality insulation ensures wires excellent in adhesion


6. Spooling

24 hours routing inspection, the goods on production will be check per 30 mins through all day


7. Packing and Export

Packing for the order request and loading goods and loading for our clients in time when received the advance payment

Oil-filled transformers

General purpose motors

Potable generators

Communication apparatus

Electric devices

Magnet coils

High speed motors & generators

Solenoid coil

Motors used in refrigerator/ automobile

UPS power source

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Magnet wire manufacture
Magnet Wire
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