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Magnet Wire

Enameled Copper Wire & Enameled Aluminum manufacture

The company’s products are widely utilized in motors, transformers, power supplies, welding machines, instrumentation, household appliances, refrigeration compressors, deflection coils, high-frequency transformers, electronics, power tools, and other fields.

The company’s products are all supported by IEC-60317, GB/T, JIS, and NEMA production standards. With the in-depth development of worldwide economic integration, so as to deal with the new opportunities and challenges brought by the international market, the corporate adheres to the business philosophy of “survive by quality and develop by the credit”. The annual production capacity is up to 5,000 tons under full load.

  • passed ISO9000
  • passed ROHS certification
  • Passed UL certification
  • Passed REACH certification
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What We Offer

Our main products are various specifications of enameled copper round wire, enameled copper flat wire, and enameled aluminum round wire.

We renew our machinery park and our internal control laboratory with up-to-date technologies and increase.

Our enameled copper round wire with a heating value level of 155 and above and size 0.010mm-0.15mm enameled aluminum wire with a heating value level of 180 and above have certain advantages in production technology and quality. our activity across international markets day by day.

Enameled copper Wire Quality Contorl

We Contorl quality

In the production process, I always check the specifications of the enameled wire. It is our job to give qualified products to customers.

Enameled Wire Quality Contorl

We checking the quality

During the production process, I always check the specifications of the enameled wire. Providing qualified products to our customers is our job.

Enameled Aluminum Wire Quality Contorl

We checking the quality

I spot check the quality of the product in the laboratory

We provide the best service in industry

enameled Copper Wire & Enameled Aluminum supplier from China


Youjiu’s enameled aluminum wire through direct or indirect sales channels, with mature product technology and stable product quality, our products are exported to quite 50 countries and regions like Korea, Thailand, India, Brazil, Australia, etc. , nearly 100 customers. it’s also conversant in the technical standards and requirements of the country, and at an equivalent time, it’s enhanced the international competitiveness Youjiu.

Magnet Wire