155℃ Enameled Aluminum Round Wire

The Grade 155℃ Enameled Aluminum Round Wire has excellent properties of mechanical strength film adhesion and solvent resistance, lightweight and flexibility.
155℃ F Class Enameled Aluminum Round Wire


Appearance:                    Uniform color smooth surface

Elongation:                     26%

Mandrel winding test:  Elongation 3d No Film-cracking

Peel test:                         No Film-cracking after a layup

Heat shock:                    Elongation 3d 175℃ 30min No Film-cracking

Cut through temperature: 2min 240℃No Breakdown

Breakdown voltage:     4.4KV

Scrape-resistance:        Min Average 3.05N Min 3.60N

Solvent Resistance:      Standard solvent>1H

Continuity of covering: ≤5 /30m


QZL155-1,2,3, PEW 155


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