180℃ Enameled Aluminum Wire

180°C Enameled Aluminum Round Wire is polyesteramide enameled aluminum wire H thermal class, able to be manufactured in the diameter range of 0.20 – 4.00 mm.

180℃ Enameled Aluminum Wire

Providing thermal resistance up to 180°C,  Youjiu Enameled Aluminum Wire also possesses the features of good resistance against dipping varnishes, casting resins, solvents, and thermal shock performances.
Fields of Use:
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Magnet Aluminum Wire

Refractory transformer

Hermetic machine

Motors of the power tool

Voltage regulators

Various types of magnet-coils

General-purpose electric motors




All product parameters are recorded with a quality control system at every stage of the production process and following by a barcode system until delivery.

Our products receive approval with production parameters of the quality control system according to standards of GB/T23312.7 2009, IEC60317-25, NEMA 35.


Thermal Class (°C)Class C, 180 °C
Insulation | Base CoatPolyester-imide
Insulation | Top CoatPolyamide Imide
Insulation | Bong Coat
Production Range (MM) (MM)0.20 – 4.00 mm
Certification I.E.CIEC 60317 – 25
UL File No.
Class Temperature (°C)180 °C
Heat Shock (°C)≥200 °C
Cut Through Temperature (°C)≥ 300 °C
Solderability (°C)Non-solderability
Bonding Temperature (°C)Not Applicable
Re-softening Temperature (°C)Not Applicable
Normal Solvent Resistance≥H
Resistance to humidityExcellent
Resistance to ImpregnantsYes
Resistance to RefrigerantsYes

Distinct Features

Better weight ratio compared to copper, price advantage, ease of winding

due to soft and flexible structure.


QZYL 180- 1,2,3, EIWAL 180


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