Magnet Wire

We are production and supply high-quality Enameled Copper Wire & Enameled Aluminum Wire for customers to use in the Transformer, Motor…

Enameled Wire Quality Contorl

Magnet Wire Insulations

Magnet Wire Typically Uses One To Four Build Thicknesses (In The Case Of Quad-Film Type Wire) Of Polymer Film Insulation, Often Of Two Different Compositions, To Provide A Tough, Continuous Insulating Layer.

Enameled Copper Round Wire

Essential to powering the world

Magnet Wire – Essential to the planet The wire used for winding in electrical equipment is mentioned as magnet wire (also sometimes as motor wire or winding wire). In simplest terms, magnet wire is employed for interchanging electricity with magnetic energy. the foremost common magnet wire is that the copper insulated wire utilized in electric …

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