Enameled Copper Round Wire

Essential to powering the world

Magnet Wire – Essential to the planet

The wire used for winding in electrical equipment is mentioned as magnet wire (also sometimes as motor wire or winding wire). In simplest terms, magnet wire is employed for interchanging electricity with magnetic energy. the foremost common magnet wire is that the copper insulated wire utilized in electric motors – one among the best inventions of all time, right up there with the wheel and therefore the light bulb. Magnet wires are often divided into broad categories that include enamelled wire, covered (or served) wire, or combinations of the 2.
Magnet wire types are often quite varied but will include the subsequent features: (a) uniformity of insulation, (b) good electrical properties like dielectric strength and insulation resistance, (c) resistance to mechanical stress, (d) resistance to chemicals, solvents, and encapsulating varnishes, (e) thermal resistance, and (f) long thermal life. Any magnet wire should exhibit strong properties in one or more of those features. Each type has its own advantages and drawbacks, the most idea being that an electrical current makes a magnetic flux. Therefore, operating conditions are critical within the selection of wire type for any specific application.
The main idea is that an electrical current makes a magnetic flux. you’ll increase the strength of this magnetic flux by increasing the present or by making multiple loops.

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